Eye Care Instructions after Cataract Surgery


  • Take your normal diet or as permitted, if you have diabetes or hypertension
  • Take your medication like anti hypertensive or anti diabetic, drugs according to your physician’s advice
  • Brush your teeth, shave and comb your hair
  • You can shave one day after surgery carefully avoiding the entry of soap and water in the eye
  • Take bath every day
  • Wash your hair avoiding the entry of water in the operated eye two weeks after surgery
  • Resume short morning walks after one week
  • Climb or get down steps
  • Watch TV, read and write
  • Wear your old glasses or wear dark glasses during day time and wear the green plastic shield while sleeping (day or night) for 6 weeks
  • Maintain special posture if it is advised.


  • Do not discontinue the medicines prescribed by us without our knowledge
  • Do not rub operated eye
  • Do not sleep on the side of your operated eye
  • Do not bend forward and lift heavy weights
  • Do not play with small children as they may hurt your eye unknowingly
  • Do not drive car, scooter or cycle
  • Do not apply kumkum on forehead
  • Do not wash eyes with water
  • Avoid head bath for first two weeks after surgery
  • Avoid head oil/head massage for at least one month
  • Avoid exposure to smoke, heat or dust
  • Avoid visitors who have eye infection, common cold or any infection
  • Avoid spicy food, alcohol, cigarette, snuff and parties
  • Avoid unnecessary travel, yoga or stretching exercises for at least one and a half months
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